Artist, Olga Piwovarova was born and grew up in Georgia – Ajaria, in the picturesque city of Batumi. It is a popular and gorgeous resort destination on the coast of the Black Sea. Olga describes Batumi as a small white city from a fairy tale filled with warmth and sunshine. It holds the power of beauty and colours which left an imprint and became an inspiration to the artist’s creations. Many of Olga’s artworks are filled with bright and luscious colours that bring endless positivity, pleasure and tranquility. These paintings could be observed endlessly! With every glance, there will be something new. They are eye-catching, intriguing and inspirational.

Olga was born in a hard-working family. Her mother’s name was Lidia Sergiyenko. She was an incredible high school teacher who taught French in a mountain-filled Ajarian village. Father, Vladimir Piwovarov worked in an engineering plant. However, during his free time, Vladimir painted like there was no tomorrow. Apart from that, he loved gardening, especially flowers – tall gladioluses, magical roses with gigantic petals, dahlias, asters, peonies, tulips and daffodils! As a result, Olga grew up in a field of flowers. This became a huge influence on her artistic views and styles.

When little Olga turned one-year old, she learned to walk and paint simultaneously. She was a mischievous child since she was learning how to paint all over the walls of the house. Grandmother Lyuba was screaming to Lidia: Olga’s walking by herself for the first time! She has a pencil in her hands and she’s drawing all over the walls. Please don’t get mad at her!

During high school, Olga started to pick up an interest in portraits and her friends started asking her to draw their portraits for them. Olga started drawing them with a passion. She wanted to draw more and more. She wanted to enroll into an art university, but sadly her dream did not come true because her parents prohibited her from doing so. They wanted Olga to receive her high pedagogical educational degree. Just like all women in the Piwovarov’s family were teachers, therefore Olga had to become one as well. Studying took all the time. However, that did not prevent her from doodling all over her notebooks and at the back of her mechanical drafting assignments. Olga managed to finish university with excellence and honour roll. Right after graduating, Olga became a high school teacher of the Russian language.

Due to work, family, immigration and children, her brushes and paintings were forgotten. And now Olga is 49 years old and she’s remembering about her teenage aspirations of becoming a painter. To this universe is born an art piece, Batumi, Colonnade.

After this, she brings life to Dark Blue Sunset, The Fall Tree at the Lake, Blooming Sakura, The Peacock, Lily of the Valley, Two Violet Flowers, Fairy’s House at The Lake, House Under the Mountains, and Poppy Field From The Movie. Each viewer finds their favourite and familiar poppy. Related souls usually pick the same poppy.